In April 2009, NMC issued a tender notice through an international bidding process for a 25-year contract for water supply systems in Nagpur city. NMC inter-alia shortlisted the 50:50 Joint Venture of Veolia India Private Limited and Vishvaraj Environment Private Limited (a local partner) as the preferred bidder for implementing the Project.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s intended to have an uninterrupted Water Supply in the city, under the Central Government’s ambitious JnNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission). In November 2011 Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. (OCW) was established in Nagpur.

Subsequently, in June 2020, OCW Pvt. Ltd became a 100% subsidiary of Veolia India Private Limited , the global leader in optimized resource management.

With a workforce of about 400+ employees on the roll and still counting, Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. is an essential service provider of waterworks in Nagpur, which has an on-roll as well as a large team of outsourced employees supporting the routine organizational work. The company delivers high-quality, essential services to ensure the provision of safe, clean drinking water all over Nagpur. OCW meets its client’s needs by nurturing local relationships that are conducive to sustainable water management.

OCW is also managing the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Water Treatment Plants at Gorewada, all the Elevated Service Reservoirs, Ground Service Reservoirs, and Master Balancing Reservoirs commonly known as Water Tanks, Operation, and Maintenance. Apart from the above major on-site departments the organization is well equipped with strong back office support with departments like HR, Finance, PR, Administration, etc.

Considering the mammoth job the company has to manage, it is expanding its base in all the ways horizontally and progressing vertically.