Present in 54 countries, Veolia ensures strict compliance with the international laws and treaties governing people’s human and social rights, both within the company and with its stakeholders. The Group’s cultural diversity is integral to these values and rules of conduct.


The Ethics Guide provides a reference for all Veolia employees. Available on the corporate websites and the intranet, it outlines the Group’s values, rules of conduct, and actions.

The values underpin the Group’s economic, social, and environmental performances. They are also reflected in the skills and attitudes that each employee at Veolia is committed to implementing daily.

A behavior charter for managers has also been introduced, thereby ensuring that the Group’s core values are shared and respected in every entity.


Veolia takes responsibility for promoting the harmonious development of territories and for improving the living conditions of people concerned by its activities. Internally, one of the Group’s priorities is to develop its employees’ skills and protect their health and safety at work.


The solidarity requirement includes all our relations with our stakeholders. It is exemplified by the constant search for solutions that will provide essential services to as many people as possible.


Through their behavior, all Veolia employees must comply with the law, and the Group’s internal rules, and respect other people.


In order to serve its customers, the environment, and society, Veolia places research and innovation at the center of its strategy to create tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

Customer focus

Veolia works to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of its services. Listening to its customers means the Group is able to meet their technical, economic, environmental, and societal expectations by offering tailored, innovative solutions.

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The Ethics

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The Anticorruption
Code of Conduct

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The Vigilance

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The Suppliers

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