Understand Your Water Bill


How often does OCW Bills come out?

For Main Consumer* – Monthly
For General Consumer – Quarterly
*Main Consumer – is a Consumer either with
a) High Consumption e.g Hospitals OR
b) Large Connection Size (Dia) e.g Apartments/Townships OR
c) Multiple Connections e.g Government Offices

What are the modes of bill payment?

Currently, we accept your bill through
• Cash
Cheques / Demand Drafts
• Electronic Clearing Systems (ECS)

Facility for Online Payments to be provided soon

How do I get my bill?

We distribute the water bills for our customers through a dedicated team of Meter Readers If, however, you do not receive your water bill on time, please feel free to call Toll Free Helpline – 1800 266 9899

How do I read my water bill?

Customer Index Number (CIN) is the unique number given to every consumer by the Utility. The CIN should be used as reference for all communication with the Utility.

Customer Name and Address is the name and address of the person in whose name the connection is registered.

Water Meter No. is the unique number given to the water flow meter installed at your property.

Meter reading is the actual meter reading as displayed by the meter at the respondent’s premises.

Connection Size is the size of the pipe connecting your property with the main water transmission line.

Past Consumption

Current Consumption


Current Amount

Due Date