Vision and Mission



To ensure 24x7 drinking water with adequate pressure and of good quality, to every citizen of the city of Nagpur within services perimeter of Nagpur Municipal Corporation while ensuring sustainable development and efficient management of the Nagpur’s water resources.


  • To upgrade city water distribution network through rehabilitation of the existing network and laying new network partially.
  • To ensure improved customer service delivery in prudent, reasonable and responsible manner.
  • To work towards equitable distribution of available water and to achieve Customer Satisfaction

Quality Policy

Orange City Water Works Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide Quality Essential Services 24x7 to ensure the provision of safe, clean drinking water to every citizen of Nagpur within the service perimeter of Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

This is achieved through:

  • Persistent efforts in providing quality and accurate services.
  • Work Scheduling within committed time.
  • Maintaining competent manpower
  • Fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Analytical approach for Focused Continual Improvement
  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Quality Objective

  • To provide safe portable water to consumers as per CPHEEO Norms and regular testing by Government laboratory
  • Converting 68 Command Area into 24x7 uninterrupted water supply phase wise
  • Attending consumer complaints round the clock by dedicated team and Toll Free Number
  • Installing 3.2 lakh House Service Connections phase wise
  • General adherence of Contract condition