Know Your Utility



OCW manages the water supply of the city from Source to Tap for more than 3,30,000 consumers within the city of Nagpur through a network for 68 water supply reservoirs and 2000+ km in pipeline. It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the existing network, up-gradation of the same, wherever necessary, water supply to the public at large, billing the water consumed and recovery of the billed amount for NMC.


OCW manages the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Water Treatment Plants at Gorewada and Kanhan, all the Elevated Service Reservoirs, Ground Service Reservoirs, Master Balancing Reservoirs commonly known as Water Tanks. We encourage people to protect the resource and save spending huge money on it. People should always spend water wisely.


To handle all these phases of water network operations OCW Organization has three of its Divisions working on the field.
• Operation and maintenance
• Works
• Customer Service

We deliver personal attention to every customer with friendly customer service representatives.


Our experts ensure that we deliver quality water to our customers and provide them the with best of service. The rehabilitation works of the project are simultaneously going on in 18 different areas of the city and are continuously ramping up while the operations are already spread through-out the city. Managing the project efficiently, the company is now a family of about 400+ employees on roll and still counting. Apart from the on roll employees a large team of outsourced employees is supporting the routine organizational work. Considering the mammoth job the company has to manage, it is expanding its base in all the ways horizontally and progressing vertically.

The water we supply for domestic use has a standard. The water quality standards are increasing day by day and will continue to improve gradually.