Benefits of 24×7
Delivers better quality water for public health, Gives significantly better service to all consumers, Revolutionizes service to the poor... Read More
Help Conserve Water
Turn the faucet/tap off while you are brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, doing dishes, and so on. Turn the tap off when you shower, too. Read More
Water Charges & Tariff
Nagpur's woes due to water privatisation aren't unique. More than 54 private sector participation projects across the globe are in the same boat. Read More

About us

Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. (OCW) is subsidiary of Veolia, the global leader in optimized resource management. The organization is especially established in November’2011 for the execution of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Uninterrupted Water Supply Scheme, popularly known as 24×7 Water Supply...

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  • “रहाटे कॉलनी चौक येथे बऱ्याच वर्ष्यापासून पाईपलाईन गळती होती. ओसीडब्ल्यू द्वारा या ठिकाणी रात्रदिवस खोदकाम करून पाईपलाईन गळती दुरुस्ती करण्यात आली.”

    श्री. लखन सुमेरा येरवार, नगरसेवक प्रभाग क्र. १६(अ), नागपूर
  • “Good job done by OCW at Gurudeo Nagar for improvement in water supply and permanently resolving the contamination issues.”

    Mr. Kishor Kumeria,
  • Corporator & Former Dy. Mayor; residents Mr. Kishor Ladi, Mr. Vitthal Aasre & Mrs. Sapna Chinchmalatpure.
    Appreciate OCW for resolving the water supply issue at Prabhag No. 47 (Mahavir Nagar).

    Mr. Prashant Dhawad, Corporator.
  • “I thank OCW for resolving the complaint of water scarcity which lasted for 15 years in Hansapuri”

    Mrs Ashrafunnisa Ahmed, Corporator
  • “I am immensely pleased with OCW’s performance in my area. They have already resolved long pending issues like contamination, water scarcity, etc.”